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2020 Team Wisconsin U12 & U13 Program Info

By Staff, 03/05/20, 7:00PM CST


Fall Program Dates

Team Wisconsin Fall Program Info

Team Wisconsin is proud to bring back the U12 & U13 Fall Program for a second year. The TW program is designed to enhance WAHA Tier II programs across the state by giving skaters the opportunity to participate in Elite level Showcases, tournaments and games while allowing them to play for their local association. Below are some important details about the program. 

Important Dates

  • Due postponement of Kohlman Cup, we are in discussions  regarding the selection process for Tier II skaters at Final Camp in June. 
    • If Kohlman Cup is rescheduled, then we will select invites to the Team Wisconsin U12 & U13 teams. 
    • Skates who played Tier I (AAA) or outside of Wisconsin in the 2019-2020 season should email for inclusion to tryouts.
  • June 5th-6th:  Team Wisconsin U12 (2008) Final Tryouts
  • June 6th-7th: Team Wisconsin U13 (2007) Final Tryouts
  • August 14th-16th: Team Wisconsin Fall Camp Weekend
  • Fall season tournaments, showcases, and games will go through September.
  • Fall season regional practices will go through October

Miscellaneous TW Fall Program Info

  • 2008 Head Coach: Steve Libert
  • 2007 Head Coach: Ryan Blick
  • U12 Tentative showcases and events
    • Summer Finale Tournament
    • Midwestern Exposure Showcase: St. Louis
    • Western States Invite
    • CCM World Invite Nashville
  • U13 Tentative showcases and events
    • Midwestern Exposure Showcase: Chicago
    • Midwestern Exposure Showcase: St. Louis
    • CCM World Invite Nashville

How does the TW Fall Program work with Kohlman Cup?

  • Only skaters who participate on their Regional Kohlman Cup teams are eligible for the Team Wisconsin U12 & U13 tryouts.
    • Unique situations are considered but must be e-mailed to
  • Evaluations by independent evaluators & Kohlman Cup coaches help determine invites to the final tryout.
  • The Team Wisconsin Fall Program will take all deserving players to final tryouts.