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Girls U14-U19 Info

2021-2022 Team Wisconsin Girls

TW Girls is planning and approved for 2021-2022 to continue running our 14U, 16U & 19U Before & After programs.  Tryout dates  May 22-23rd, 2021 in Stevens Point (Ice Hawk)

Cost of Try outs - $150

Please do not email about billeting, if you're not a Wisconsin resident or attending a Wisconsin school you are not eligible for TW. 


May 22nd-23rd

Stevens Point, WI at Ice Hawk Rink


The Registration "Girls U14-U19 Info" is not currently available.

Girls 19U
2002-2004 Birth Years

May 22nd-23rd
Stevens Point (Ice Hawk)


Final Tryouts June 5th/6th in Stevens Point

19U-Brian Poshak & Breanna Seibel
Girls 16U
2005 and 2006 Birth Years

May 22nd-23rd
Stevens Point (Ice Hawk)


Final Tryouts June 5th/6th in Stevens Point

16U-Jeff Jablonski & Dave Witting
Girls 14U
2007 and 2008 Birth Years

May 22nd-23rd
Stevens Point (Ice Hawk)


Final Tryouts June 5th/6th in Stevens Point

14U- Sam Kinsler and Dave Kinsler
Girls 12U
2009 Birth Year Only
June 12th & 13th
Fond du Lac, WI
12U- Lauren Roethlisberger

All players plan on attending BOTH tryout camps. Players will be selected from the first camp to compete in the final tryout camp. You will be notified via e-mail if you are selected for a final camp.

All tryout camps are day camps only. Parents will be responsible for travel, food, lodging and supervision of their players.

Note: All Team Wisconsin players at ALL age levels except 14U must be Wisconsin Residents playing High School Hockey in the fall.  Any player 14U eligible (2007 or 2008) must play High School(if attending High School) or if in Jr High you may play for your local WAHA Tier 2 Bantam/U14 Team.  You will need to notify your local Tier 2 team of minor overlaps in Oct and first week of Nov if you play TW and for your local Tier 2 Bantam/U14 Tier 2 Team.  If State tournaments overlap you must commit 100% to your Tier 2 organization and attend TW events that do not conflict.

Q: What is the schedule?

A: One week prior to tryouts we close registration, build our master schedule and email all families registered with a report time and planned end time for the day. 

Q: Why do we have to wait until the week prior to know the TW schedule?

A: We typically have very large numbers attending our tryouts and many families wait until the last minute to register.  If we send you a schedule and see a major change up or down in numbers at each age group, it means change which really aggravates families so closing registration the week prior allows us to build one schedule.

Q: What should families plan for until the schedule is sent?

A: We recommend that families plan for Friday evening 4-10PM, all day Sat(8AM-9PM) and then on Sun 8AM-3PM however our goal is to have each player only attend one day so a hotel stay is not needed.

Q: What should families really expect in the May 22nd-23rd tryout?

A: The goal is for TW to schedule a weekend that minimizes hotel cost for parents while still allowing the TW staff to properly evaluate players.  Goal of our scheduling is to have each age group only on one day for the open camp.  This is primarily scrimmages.  This is just an example but are goal is something like 14's on Saturday only, 16/19’s on Sunday only.  Goalies may have a tryout the night prior or the morning before based on numbers.  If we have 60 skaters, then we build 4 teams at that age group and we need 8 goalies.  Any more we really won’t give the goalies a fair evaluation, so we cut down to a manageable number. 

Q: What should families expect in the final camp if invited in early June?

A: This is a true 3-day training camp.  We have speakers and  classroom with Junior and College coaches.  On ice positional instruction and training.  TW alumni counselors currently playing College hockey enabling players to talk with someone about their recent journey from TW to College.  Yes we are picking teams but we are training and evaluating a players ability to learn and translate that to the scrimmages.  Parents will be responsible for players at night and when not part of on ice or classroom with TW. 

Q: Why do you run all this in Fond du Lac & Stevens Point….For those of us from the NW, this is a long weekend. 

A: We run a professional weekend tryout with a very large staff of TW coaches, counselors and guest speakers.  If we segregate this into different parts of the state, we take away from the overall experience and increase cost.  We ask for a little from those in the NW part of the state and hope you understand that many of the TW teams play a majority of their weekends in MN making your fall travel very light.

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